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Saved Hands Foundation - Employment Training
What we Offer....
The Administrative Assistant 
Career Development Program
          We offer entry level office skill training to persons who are ready for a change in their lives.  We provide individuals a second chance to acquire the skills needed to enter the business field. 
         We provide these community services to anyone who is seeking employment.  A high school diploma is not required.
         Our goal is to enroll individuals in non traditional training to learn the skills they need to become self sufficient and eliminate the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) dependency. 
         Our staff is comprised of professionals with years of experience in job placement, career training, counseling and community development.
Our dedication to the public is to: 
  • Provide 8-12 weeks of comprehensive community-based training designed to provide hands-on basic computer and administrative training for individuals to acquire entry level office skills needed to become proficient in a professional environment.  
  • The individual skills training consist of basic word processing; using the latest state-of-the art software and graphic integration packages; file management, grammar, business concepts; business etiquette and interview preparedness.
  • Conduct our training in a office atmosphere which will allow the individual to receive real time, hands-on administrative experience.
  • Assist with preparation of resumes and/or employment applications and transmit the required documents to potential employers.  
  • Assist with the application process for Federal Government employment; electronically transfer the required documents to desired agencies.
  • Provide an employment search: We search various resources for current job vacancies that match the level of professionalism the individual has attained; Provide business attire for that very important first interview.
  • Provide counseling to assist the newly hired employee for one year to insure their personal goals have been met.
  • Link the trainee to additional resources that are available in the community to assist in stabilization and growth.          
  • We also provide career seminars and training for Federal and private organizations to satisfy the need for employee career development.